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About us

VENTA-TRANS EUROPE Ltd. focus is the provision of international road transportation in Europe and CIS countries.

The company was founded in 2010 in Prague, Czech Republic, since then branches have been opened in Krakow, Poland (2013), in Moscow, Russia (2016), in Koper, Slovenia (2017) and in Rotterdam, Netherlands (2018).

VENTA - TRANS EUROPE Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2016 and ISO / ICE 27001:2014 accredited company.

Business activity of Venta – Trans Europe Ltd. is insured with KRAVAG-LOGISTIC Versicherungs-AG, with an insurance limit 5 000 000 EUR.

VENTA-TRANS EUROPE Ltd. cooperates with more than 3000 sub-contractors and suppliers, selecting appropriate operators to guarantee reliability, stability and efficiency for our customers.

Irrespective of the complexity and multidisciplinary aspects of a transport/logistic process, our operations are freight carried out in strictly accordance with our policies and terms of contract. The Company employs highly professional staff, who are ready to respond to our clienteles’ enquiries.

VENTA - TRANS EUROPE Ltd. took part in international transport exhibitions Trans Poland in Warsaw, Poland (2014), and Munich, Germany (2015).

Managing Director
Oleg V. Shevchenko