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Environmental policy

GROUP OF COMPANIES «VENTA — TRANS HOLDING» (hereinafter — GC) is established to provide reliable, qualitative, the fastest and safe freight forwarding within the convenient time and place for the recipient.
Protection of the environment is a significant issue that cannot be seen separately from the company.
The environmental policy of the company is one of the main priorities of its activity.
Adverse conditions of the modern ecosystem exploitation largely relate to the inefficient use of natural resources, that is a consequence of the inconsequent environmental policy adopted by ignoring environmental principals and programs, underestimation of issues of the environmental measures which subsequently affects the human living condition.
Improving the human living condition is being achieved in a harmony with the nature by obtaining economic profit is the goal of environmental policy of the GC «VENTA — TRANS HOLDING»!
GC carries out a reasonable ecological and economic policy that combines economic development with the rational conduct of environmental programs and activities by resource saving and introduction of the environmental management.
  1. Provide transportation services
    taking into account the reduce of the emission of the harmful substances as nitric oxide, carbon dioxide and other gases (combustion gas of the vehicle contains approximately 0,6% Nitrogen oxides).
  2. Reduce the noise pollution
    that is constituted as a result of the use of a vehicle for freight forwarding.
  3. Reduce the cost of energy and raw materials
    by introducing the use of modern materials, raw materials and ecological driving.
  4. Reduce the cargo transportation with rational transport decisions
    (implementing the systematic monitoring of the transportation process, preliminary route planning, elimination of empty runs of the motor vehicles).
  5. Increase social environmental responsibility of the company
  1. Attention to the requirement of environmental safety of the TS our contractors carriers with the car park
  • Attracting modern fleet of vehicles for the cargo transportation (standard not lower than Euro-3, mainly Euro-4, The European Commission identified the date of acceptance of the new standard of Euro-6 on December 31, 2013. That means that from 1 January 2014 the certificate of Euro-6 will operate in the EU. Bringing in the Euro-6 standard will be a step forward in minimizing damage to the environment and transport companies manufacturers of trucks).
  • The use of modern and environmentally friendly fuel and its economy by rational eco-driving.
  • The use of eco-friendly tires that reduce the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, by preventing the loss of energy during the rotation of the tire, as well as providing low rolling resistance;
  • Safe eco-divining reduces the amount of fuel used and, hence the reduction of harmful emissions from the combustion of consumption minimize vehicle operation at the idle speed.
  • Control of the technical condition of the TS carriers.
  1. Compliance of the company activity with environmental laws
  2. Involving all the company personal in efforts to reduce environmental risks, the constant improvement of the environmental performance and environmental management system
  3. Active interaction with civil society that is interested in an environmentally safe operation of the company
  4. Encouragement while respecting and maintaining the environmental policy suppliers and customers
  5. Tight control over the use of natural resources consumed by the daily work:
  • Implementation of energy-saving products (use energy-saving lamps, etc.)
  • The use of paper certified by the FSC International (Forest Stewardship Council)
  1. Ensure environmental safety in the transport of dangerous substances
  2. Openness ecologically meaningful information of the company activity