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Main goals / Tasks / Mission

Main goals / Tasks / Mission


Main goals of «Venta – Trans Europe»


  • Optimizing the process of a high-­‐grade, fast and timely transference of goods from a customer to the freight goods /qualitative delivery of goods with minimal risks/


Tasks of «Venta – Trans Europe»


  • Reduce the time of transportation;
  • Reduce the time of information handling;
  • Timely response to the individual needs of the client;
  • Planning and precise control of freight goods (the optimal distribution of the turnover);
  • Prediction of potential events;
  • Achieving flexibility in the management system inside the company;
  • Compliance with the requirements, monitoring the quality of the partner services (carriers, insurers);
  • Individual approach to each client (the development of an individual system service for each customer).


Mission of «Venta – Trans Europe»


  • Providing high-­‐grade reliable and timely transport-­‐forwarding services in domestic and international markets, confidently developing together with our partners!